5 Foolproof Responses To Clients That Bargain With Your Pricing Email Response Guide

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When running your own photography business there will always be a variety of different types of potential clients and inquiries.

Some inquiries might pose some frustrating questions like “I know someone that will do it for $XXX, will you do it for $XXX?”

I have been dealing with these types of questions for many years and I have developed a series of foolproof responses that you can just copy and paste to help you stick to the facts and take all the emotion and guess work out of it.

This makes it super easy to respond and just move on to the next task on your to-do list.

I am sharing all of these pre-written responses for you to use to help you take the guess work and frustration out of these types of scenarios in your business, so that you can move on to other important matters.

In my downloadable Email Response Guide for photographers, I am including pre-written email responses for five of the most common client questions/issues around pricing and payments— you can find them inside!

I make it super easy for you by laying out exactly what to say for these questions & scenarios:

How much do you cost?

Why do you cost so much?

I know someone that will do it for $XXX, will you do it for $XXX?

A deposit payment is due

A payment is late

I hope that these pre-written responses will be useful to you and help you get past these little hiccups in business with ease and grace.

Kelly Robyn



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